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Spiritual Growth Articles

Wishing You A Blessed Easter!

  Has the Resurrection Changed Your Life? What a shock for the disciples to arrive at the tomb and behold the empty linen in which the body of Christ had been wrapped (John 20:1-9). John tells us that they did not understand the Scripture, that Christ must rise...

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Anticipation: Advent Anticipates Something Bigger Than Gifts!


Anticipation is a wonderful thing. From the time we were children, all the way through adulthood we daydream about wonderful things to come. A birthday party, graduation, getting married or our first job: they all point to brighter days ahead.

During Jesus’ day everyone was in eager anticipation of the coming Messiah. Life was difficult under Roman occupation, and there was much buzz about what the Messiah would do to liberate God’s people when he arrived. One of the road signs that pointed to the coming Messiah would be the arrival of Elijah the prophet, the one who would usher in the anointed one. Elijah was one of Israel’s great prophets who challenged the prophets of Baal and did many other great works. While Elijah was a great prophet, it was the prophet who came after Elijah, Elisha, who received a double anointing and went on to do even greater works. Elisha raised the dead and multiplied loaves to feed a multitude.

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How Do I Know You’re a Christian?

If the local newspaper had been following you around during this past week looking for evidence that you were a disciple of Christ, what evidence would be most convincing? Would it be the vision statement on for your corporation or apostolate? Would it be your ability...

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Living a Prudent Life!

Have you forgotten about your New Year's resolution yet?   Many have.  Keeping our attention on set goals can be very difficult in a world where we are distracted with instant gratification at every turn. The message of the world is that you can have it all today by...

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From Passerby to Partipant in the Cross!

An interesting and often overlooked aspect of the Gospel is the mention of individuals whom we know little about but find squarely placed in the middle of the divine drama. In the Gospel of Mark 14:1-15:47, we see such a person, Simon of Cyrene.Who was this Simon? We...

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Let The Fountain Quench Your Thirst

In Bible study today on 1 Corinthians 14: 34-36 where St.Paul's mentions that "women should keep silence in the churches," I explained that it is a difficult scripture in many opinions as far as the translation. I would like to reiterate that we should not be...

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How Today Affects Tomorrow!

Whether we want to admit it or not, the future is important to all of us. Great amounts of time, energy, and money are spent to secure the future. We put savings into 401K's, we buy life and health insurance, we even dream of life after winning the lottery. The need...

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Problems With Temptation?

Some people give in when confronted with temptation in their lives. Some just do the best they can. In the Gospel of Matthew (4:1-11) we have an inside look at how Jesus overcame temptation with God's word.   When Jesus came on the scene in Israel 2,000 years...

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