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May 17, 2024Podcast

Is Your Life Too Complex?

How busy is your life? How many different “priorities” are vying for your attention? Life can be incredibly complex which can distract us from the priority. Jeff Cavins addresses the problem of an overcomplicated life and offers advice...

By Jeff Cavins0
May 10, 2024Podcast

The Triple Crown of Virtues

Whatever happened to virtue? Sometimes it can seem like our world is greatly lacking in virtue. Every person struggles to grow in virtue. It requires effort and perseverance to grow in virtue. Yes, we can pray for God to help us grow...

By Jeff Cavins0
May 3, 2024Podcast

7 Responses to Feeling Imprisoned

Have you ever felt imprisoned? There are many types of “prisons” people may experience such as work, a relationship, and many other types. How should you respond to these “prisons”? Jeff Cavins takes a look at this from the perspective...

By Jeff Cavins0
April 26, 2024Podcast

Responding to Unrest

Do you feel the weight of anxiety or uncertainty when you watch the news these days? How should we respond to unrest? Is there a biblical way to respond to unrest? In today’s episode, Jeff Cavins points to different examples in...

By Jeff Cavins0
April 19, 2024Podcast

How I Have Changed

Jeff Cavins concludes his testimonial series by sharing just how much remaining in the Church has changed and shaped his life. His hunger for truth and love for Christ continues to form the man he is today, and he invites us all to...

By Jeff Cavins0
March 29, 2024Podcast

Good Suffering and Friday

Is there such a thing as good suffering? On this Good Friday, Jeff Cavins discusses the real meaning of suffering and why it is important to expect suffering in life. He explains the different types of suffering and how we can suffer...

By Jeff Cavins0
March 22, 2024Podcast

Living the Liturgical Calendar

Most people live by a calendar, but what about the liturgical calendar? The Catholic Church celebrates and remembers many important people and events throughout the year. Jeff Cavins explains what some of these important days and...

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