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March 29, 2024Podcast

Good Suffering and Friday

Is there such a thing as good suffering? On this Good Friday, Jeff Cavins discusses the real meaning of suffering and why it is important to expect suffering in life. He explains the different types of suffering and how we can suffer...

By Jeff Cavins0
March 22, 2024Podcast

Living the Liturgical Calendar

Most people live by a calendar, but what about the liturgical calendar? The Catholic Church celebrates and remembers many important people and events throughout the year. Jeff Cavins explains what some of these important days and...

By Jeff Cavins0
February 16, 2024Podcast

Eating with Sinners

How do you talk to people about Jesus? Perhaps, you have heard stories of people sharing the Gospel with others at the coffee shop, on an airplane, or some other place. How do you bring up the Gospel with a complete stranger? Jeff...

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