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God Is Waiting in Your Heart

Are you ready to let God do deep work in your heart? There are so many distractions and so many things that keep us busy in life. All of this can make it very difficult to enter more deeply into prayer, into conversation with God. Today, Jeff shares from his own experience and explains why it is so important to find time for God.

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The Ideal Man and Woman

What is the ideal man? What is the ideal woman? Rather than offer his opinion, Jeff shares what Scripture has to say about the ideal man and woman. Hopefully, these words from Scripture will help you or someone you know find the one who will help them get to Heaven.

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All I Want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? In this season, there is a lot of emphasis on what we want. However, not many people know what will truly make us happy and what we really need. Jeff shares that the answer to what we want and need can be found in God.

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An Examen Prayer for 2022

As we draw near to the end of this year, Jeff guides us through a practical examen prayer to help us reflect on the blessings we’ve received this past year and identify the areas of growth for the new year.

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Supporting Small Catholic Businesses with David Kruse

These days, the personal investment with small businesses is often overlooked for expedited shipping and brand status. In today’s episode, we’re invited to an interview with Jeff and OréMoose Founder & CEO David Kruse to find out how to support smaller apostolates who work, not just to make a living, but who strive to bless the body of Christ.

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Overcoming Envy in the Holidays

Can we be joyful and envious at the same time? The holiday season hopes to bring joy, but we can also find ourselves pained with envy, not wanting others to be blessed in the ways God has blessed them. In this week’s episode, Jeff gives us several ways to overcome envy and celebrate the freedom that Christ came for us to have.

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