Tour Day Three, Jan 12

Capernaum, Tabgha, Primacy of Peter, Mt of the Beatitudes, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan, Mt Hermon, Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee ~   We started the morning with a visit to Church of St. Peter’s Primacy along the sea shore and prayed a blessing over our priests and deacons. Then we toured Capernaum and also had mass at the Church of St. Peter built over his house and then had a time for praying for the sick. After a talk by Jeff in the ancient synagogue, we drove north to Caesarea Philippi, where Peter first identified Jesus as the Messiah & Jesus announced Peter's role in the church (Matthew 16:17-19.) We took a quick look at the ancient gates of the city at Tel Dan and returned to the Sea of Galilee to the Mt of Beatitudes, the site of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. After dinner we had the opportunity for confessions with our priests.