Itinerary and photos for 5/21

Departing Jerusalem, we head east through the Judean Wilderness. We cross to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge. ~ Upon entering Jordan, we go to the biblical area of Moab. It is mentioned often in the Bible but perhaps most known from the book of Ruth where Elimelek & Naomi live after their sons marry Moabite women, Ruth & Orpah (book of Ruth). ~ Our goal is Mt. Nebo, the mountain from which Moses viewed the promise land (Deuteronomy 34:1-6.) If the day is clear, we have a panoramic view of the Holy Land. ~ Then to Madaba, the "City of Mosaics." Dating from early times, Madaba is mentioned in the Old Testament as a border city of Moab (Numbers 21:30; Joshua 13:9.) We visit St. George's Church which preserves a mosaic map of ancient Israel, the famous 6th century map of Byzantine Jerusalem, reproduced in the Cardo in the Old City. Many beautiful mosaics have been unearthed throughout the excavation. ~ Tonight we are on the east shore of the Dead Sea. The resort hotel has warmed Dead Sea water pools for us to experience the buoyant waters.