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Is Your Parish Stuck in Traffic?

Show Notes

Parish life sometimes feels like being stuck in traffic. Things aren’t moving forward, resources are limited, tempers flare, and it feels like there’s nothing we can do to move things along. But Jeff heard an interesting take on this from Fr. Josh Johnson. He said, “You’re not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.”

Without knowing it, we can contribute to parish gridlock. Jeff points out several areas where we aimlessly honk our horns instead of doing something to ease the tension.

  • Gawking: We find ourselves looking at the problems of others, instead of being part of the solution.
  • Taking a seperate car: We live in isolation instead of riding the same bus and cultivating a supportive community.
  • Always taking the same route: We take the same roads again and again, just because they’re familiar, when sometimes we need to find a new way to get things done.

Jeff also digs into Scripture to help us avoid these tendencies and take up the call to get involved at a parish and get traffic moving again.

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