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When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding by Jeff Cavins ORDER

Praise God and Thank Him: Biblical Keys for a Joyful Life by Jeff Cavins ORDER

Lily of the Mohawks: The Story of St. Kateri by Emily Cavins ORDER

Books from Ascension

Great Adventure Bible $59.95 Order

Great Adventure Storybook: A Walk through the Catholic Bible $24.95 Order

Great Adventure Storybook Teacher’s Guide (24 week curriculum with downloadable workbooks) $39.95 Order

Great Adventure Kids Pack $24.95 Order

Act Out the Word (Set of 25 Bible story plays for young people) Order

Great Adventure Puzzle (100 pieces comes with a Kids Timeline Chart) $19.99 Order

Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart $4.95 Order

Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible by Jeff Cavins and Tim Gray
Paper version $14.95 Order Hardcover $24.95 Order

The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level by Jeff Cavins $14.95 Order

My Life on the Rock: A Rebel Returns to the Faith by Jeff Cavins $14.95 Order

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha in Jerusalem


We are happy that we can now make this 26 page booklet available to anyone who would like deeper insight into that pivotal moment of the Catholic faith: the location of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. The illustrations will show you how the tomb of Christ may have looked to those who passed by Golgotha on their way into Jerusalem. Many other views of the location throughout the centuries are included as well. 

To order, send a $10 check to Emily Cavins, PO Box 1533, Maple Grove, MN 55311 for the cost of the book and postage.

Detailed Book Description:

Archaeologist and Tour Guide, Emily Cavins has written this guide to aid pilgrims in unraveling the mystery of the current Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which at first visit seems to be a confusing mixture of structures and rooms unlike any church ever visited. This pilgrim's guide shows each phase of the Tomb of Christ and Golgotha from the First Century through the Crusader Era using illustrations by Valerie Woelfel that are drawn as though the viewer is standing in the courtyard of the current Church looking at the entrance. Valerie has also drawn several map diagrams of the different phases of Jerusalem from an aerial perspective to help the pilgrim understand the changes over the many centuries. Each chapter has a very brief synopsis about the illustration followed by a fuller description of each of the following eras: 

  • the time of Christ
  • the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian
  • the time of Constantine
  • the time of the Crusaders

 followed by a numbered floor plan diagram of the current church with a key noting all of the main rooms, sites and chapels within the church as well as which Christian sect has jurisdiction of that spot. This booklet emphasizes the continuity of pilgrimage to this holy site and encourages the reader to enter in to the experience as though this place belongs to them. In the back of the guide, pilgrims can attach their own photo as a memento onto an illustration of the portals of the front entrance of the church. The text is fully footnoted.

My Heart Is a Violin: the Autobiography of Renowned Violinist/Composer and Holocaust Survivor Shony Alex Braun

Shony's book

by Emily Cavins

This amazing story of survival and triumph will inspire you as you learn of the pain and suffering of Shony and how his spirit of love prevails through it all. This book traces the story of Shony from his childhood encounter with the violin, to his survival story of the Holocaust and on through his adult life of music and testimony to the grace of God.

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 Or find it on Amazon Kindle, My Heart Is a Violin.

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Items on EWTN Religious Catalog

Our Father’s Plan is a 13-part series aired on EWTN by Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins traces salvation history. This is a great follow up to The Great Adventure video series.

Order from EWTN Religious Catalog. 

Path of the Messiah is an EWTN original documentary follows Raymond Arroyo and Jeff Cavins as they travel to the Holy Land, retracing the footsteps of Our Lord from His birth to His resurrection. They'll explore Bethlehem, sail on the windy Sea of Galilee, and make their way through Jerusalem's bustling marketplaces to the awesome stillness of Gethsemane's Garden.

Time: 2 hrs 30 mins | Production Year: 2001

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Catholicism 101: Essentials for the Journey - Audio CD Set or DVD

Whether you are a cradle Catholic, a recent convert, or just interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, this series is for you.

Jeff Cavins explains the basics of Catholicism in ten dynamic 60-minute presentations. Drawing upon the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as entertaining personal anecdotes, Cavins makes the Catholic faith come alive. Perfect for a parish Bible study program.

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Catholic for a Reason Series from Emmaus Road Publishers

CFR I Scripture and the Mystery of the Family of God

Jeff authors one chapter in this book that explains the teachings of the Catholic Church in a way that allows the reader to see the “big Picture”: Our Heavenly Father’s loving plan to save us. Biblical, dynamic and very readable, it presents God the Father’s plan as the “family plan” revealed by Christ..

CFR II Scripture and the Mystery of the Mother of God

This book explains what the Church teaches about Mary and her significant role in the Church. Jeff authors one chapter of the Rosary.

CFR III Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass

Several authors explore the different dimensions of the Mass. Jeff writes a chapter on Suffering called "The Great Exchange."

CFR IV Scripture and the Mystery of Marriage and Family Life

Jeff and Emily share their story on the joys of adoption.

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