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Greece Pilgrimage Day 2

Today we went began in the same spot, Neapolis, where St. Paul first came to Europe on his second missionary journey. Then we traveled to ancient Philippi, the next stop for St. Paul in where preached the Gospel with Silas and Timothy. We visited the theatre where Jeff spoke about the cultural and political situation St. Paul found there. We saw the Roman forum, remains of two huge Byzantine basilicas, and the Prison of St. Paul. Then we had mass at St. Lydia’s Baptistry. After lunch, we stopped at another town in St. Paul’s journey called Berea where it began to rain. As the day progressed and we drove along the coast of Greece to Kalambaka, we ran into a snow storm! The snow caused us to arrive very late to our hotel, but after remembering the sufferings of St. Paul, it helped put it all into perspective. The hotel staff graciously keep dinner on until we arrived around 1am because of the slow driving conditions.

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