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Looking For Change this Fall?

by | Sep 7, 2008 | Bible Study, Home, Previous Blog


My Dear Friends,

As the new school year begins and lives start to get back into a routine, I want to take a moment to remind you to sign up for one of the Fall Bible studies. Starting this September, I will be teaching two different studies. I will be launching a new study on the Epistle of James, which I’m very excited about, and in addition I will be teaching Catholicism 101 on Thursday evenings at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish in Bloomington.

I believe the James study is one of the most practical of all our studies. We will look at how the early Church took the teachings of Jesus and put them into practice with one another. You will be surprised at how many points in James are issues you regularly face. How many times have you heard from a well intended friend that we are saved by faith alone? In this study, we will talk about this hot topic as we delve into faith and works. In addition we will cover subjects such as the power of the tongue to bring great blessing or destruction. How many times have you witnessed destruction in our extended families that came as a result of something someone said? We will talk about how to gain wisdom and how to develop endurance when face with obstacles. These topics and many more should make for a great way to prepare for the holiday seasons.


Not only is the Epistle of James a transforming book but this Fall is special in terms of the Church’s calendar and the future of our children.

This Fall’s studies will be conducted in the heart of a special year. Pope Benedict XVI has called for a special synod this Fall in Rome. The purpose of this gathering of gifted Church leaders is to discuss and establish a vision for how the Scriptures play a role in the life of the laity. We will actually be doing what the Church is focusing on, the study of Sacred Scripture. (For infomation on the upcoming Synod, visit

In addition, I want to invite you to be a part of changing, not only our culture in the United States, but to be a part of changing the culture within the Church for our children. I’m grieved by the number of Catholics who have never been invited to a Catholic bible study. As I contemplate this reality my thoughts turn to the future of my three daughters. Many concerned parents have asked me why there are not more Catholic bible studies today? The answer to this is in part because there have not been many studies available that accurately convey the teachings of the Church nor do they yield fruit in daily living. We have received thousands of testimonies from around the nation that the The Great Adventure Bible studies meet both of the above criteria.

Here’s my concern: If we don’t build a Catholic culture where studying the bible is the norm, what will our children do in fifteen or twenty years from now? Will they be asking the same questions about the lack of Catholic Bible studies that their parents asked? Or, will Catholic Bible studies be so common that it will just be a matter of which one they are going to attend. I’m asking you to work with me as we not only study together today but prepare the way for our children tomorrow. Think about it, how many things could really be considered more important than talking to God in his Word and putting the studies into daily living.

To get more information on our Fall studies click on Live Teaching in the menu bar.

Blessings to you and your families, and I look forward to seeing you this Fall.


Jeff Cavins

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