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San Antonio Timeline SOLD OUT!

by | Apr 24, 2008 | Bible Study, Home, Previous Blog

The first weekend in April began with a bang! I had the pleasure of giving a Great Adventure Bible Timeline Seminar at St. Matthew’s Church in San Antonio, Texas. After a much diverted and delayed airplane adventure, I found myself running through an airport, changing clothes in a rest room and literally tying my tie behind the scenes as my bio was being read and I was introduced. (Thanks to lessons from my Father-in-Law when I was a young’n, I can tie a tie in no time flat!)

It was an honor to have Archbishop Gomez welcome the crowd, emphasize his joy in seeing so many people on fire to read, study and learn the Word of God, and introduce me. As I stepped on stage, I was greeted by 1,000 eager and grateful Texans ready to study Scripture, and all the chaos of my day of travel was forgotten as I stood energized in their enthusiasm and rejuvenated by their passion. That set the tone for an outstanding weekend of Scripture study!

Friday Night in San Antonio

Saturday’s seminar was SOLD OUT, even in the over-flow room! The people had such a zeal and devotion for learning Scripture and the volunteers that organized and ran the event were beyond amazing. I would like to thank Martha Fernandez-Sardina for her excellent job in coordinating this sensational weekend as well as all those who worked with her to promote the seminar and ensure the event was a success. The core team was spectacular and beautifully diverse, with ethnic backgrounds spanning the globe! The weekend really showed that we are many parts, but we are all one Body and each person has a special gift that he or she can use to bring others to Christ.

San Antonio Core Team

Pictured above, the superb core team (from many different lands they once called home): Irina Bezruchko (St. Petersburg Russia), Betzy Porrez (Puerto Rico), Bernard Zarazua (San Antonio, Tx), Me (Iowa born), Martha Fernandez-Sardina (Dominican Republic), Jake Samour (El Salvador), Carlos Raymond Samour (held by dad), and Rosa Mera (Peru). And those from the team not pictured are Rame Bina, Laura Matlock and Christine Lopez. Thank you one and all!

To read more about this memorable event, you can go to the website for the San Antonio archdiocesan paper,Today’s Catholic. Also, Martha Fernandez-Sardina has written a column in Today’s Catholic for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters titled, Nuestros corazones ardnan cada vez mns con Jeff Cavins.

Thank you everyone in Texas for your warm hospitality!


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