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A “Wild” Men’s Conference in Canada!

by | Apr 11, 2008 | Home, Previous Blog

Jeff is presented with a Calgary Flames Jersey

At a time when most Minnesotans are flying south for spring break to work on their mid-March tan, Jeff battled the elements… and the airports…. and headed north… to Alberta, Canada! Instead of a beach laden with vegging vacationers, Jeff found himself surrounded by 250 men on fire for Jesus Christ and for their Catholic faith.

At the 11th Annual God Squad Conference, a deep love of the Eucharist and a passionate devotion toward striving to live the will of God were ever present. The day was filled with fabulous hospitality, incredible music, inspiring talks… and a little humor, as Jeff, ever a steadfast Minnesota Wild fan, donned the garment of the Calgary Flames and proved that that which unites us, Jesus Christ, is so much stronger than anything that could ever divide us!

Thank you to Sean Lynn, the God Squad and the Calgary Flames for giving a man from Minnesota a spring break he’ll never forget. And, thank you St. Joseph for leading the way to the heart of Christ.

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