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Jeff Receives “Servant of the Word Award”

by | Feb 11, 2008 | Home, Previous Blog

I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany Jeff to Denver, Colorado, to see him receive the Catholic Biblical School’s Servant of the Word Award, February 8 during their   annual banquet at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. The Biblical School, which is a four-year Bible program, gives this annual national award to those who have significantly impacted the Church through the teaching of scripture. Jeff has given summer seminars for the Biblical School and will be doing another session this summer in July.

Jeff was honored to receive the award presented by Dr. Tim Gray, executive director of the Catholic Biblical School. The award was a hand painted icon of St. Paul from Greece. The day after the award banquet Jeff and Tim presented “Adventures in Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom,” a one-day walk through the book of Acts.   Not often am I able to travel with Jeff to his speaking events, so it was a treat for me to meet the wonderful organizers and participants of these events. I was so blessed by the inspirational teachings and the chance to be in attendance when Jeff received his award.

Jeff has often told me that when it comes to biblical studies, both the Denver Biblical School and the Augustine Institute are leading examples of the New Evangelization. Their programs are an excellent way to earn a degree in biblical studies. Click here for a link to the Augustine Institute.

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