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Website Keeps Us In Touch With Synod

On Sunday, October 5, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI opened the 12th general ordinary assembly of the synod of bishops with Mass outside the walls of the Basilica of St. Paul.   According to the Holy Father, the synod, titled The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church, will focus on “how to make the proclamation of the Gospel increasingly effective in our time.”

With the goal of leading the faithful into the Scriptures to receive the word of God completely, to know Christ and to conform their lives to His, the synod fathers, a dozen “fraternal delegates” and about three dozen “observers” will listen to over 300 speeches on the Bible in the next four weeks.   It appears a daunting schedule for anyone to keep up on, but for us at home, The Great Adventure Bible Study System has created a website that will allow us a glimpse into not only what a synod is, but will also give us the latest news surrounding this groundbreaking synod on Scripture.   The site is and it features an ever increasing collection of news, references, links, expert commentary on the Synod and Bible study resources all geared to allow members of the Church and people of good will to participate with the XII Ordinary General Assembly as they contemplate, render thanks for, meditate upon and proclaim the Word of God.

It is our hope that will provide a beautiful way of cross pollinating many apostolates for the greater good of spreading His Word.   The objective of the website is to spark a deep love of Sacred Scripture by following the developments of the Synod and interaction with helpful resources.

Let us keep the intention of the Holy Father at the forefront of our prayers this month: “That the synod of bishops may help all those engaged in the service of the word of God to transmit the truth of faith courageously in communion with the entire Church.”

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