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Music by Danielle Rose!

On our last pilgrimage to Israel we were blessed with great music from both Paul Vogrinc and Danielle Rose. The music added so much to our pilgrimage that folks are still emailing me about it. I wanted to make the music of Danielle Rose available to you and I know you will want to listen to her for years to come. Rarely have I been so moved by a musicians humility, transparency and love for Christ. Below you will find all the links and numbers to get her music. At the beginning of August she will be entering religious life so she will not be touring any longer.

To purchase Danielle’s CD’s “Defining Beauty” and “Mysteries” (double CD with a meditation on each of the 20 mysteries of the rosary) call 1-800-566-6150. Her soon to be released CD entitled “I Thirst” (a musical biography of Blessed Mother Teresa) will be available in July or August of 2007.

CDs are available through and iTunes as well. When ‘I Thirst’ is released, it will be available through amazon as well.

And all songs are available to purchase and download onto your computer through itunes. “I Thirst” will be available on itunes when it is released as well.

Click Continue Reading below for a message from Danielle:

“Two weeks before my entrance into religious life, I will be returning to Nashville to record a live album of songs following the journey of my discernment. My hope and prayer was that the Lord might grant me an opportunity to share this journey in song in case it might help strengthen someone else who is discerning—particularly with regards to the fears and questions that are faced in a discerning a religious vocation. I wanted the CD to be made available for free to religious communities and vocations offices to be able to give it to someone who was discerning, and then have the CD available for anyone else who wanted to purchase it. The Lord, in his great love, allowed this to take place beyond my hopes and expectations! My publisher, World Library Publications, is a division of a large company called JSPaluch, (who prints church bulletins for thousands of churches across the country). JSPaluch tithes 10% of their profits each year (which is a LOT) specifically to support religious vocations. I only recently learned that they already have a catalog of resources that are sent directly to all of the religious vocations offices and communities! So World Library Publications, and the Paluch Family Foundation, have agreed to generously support this album. When it is completed (which will be after I have entered the convent), then it will be made available for free to any vocations office or religious community who desires to give it to someone who is discerning a religious vocation. Then it will be also available for anyone to purchase, and the proceeds are going to be donated to the vocations office in my Diocese of Duluth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This album is going to be entitled “Pursue Me.” I have no idea when it will be available, but I would imagine it would probably not be until the late fall/winter of 2007. At that point in time, it will also be available through World Library Publications 1-800-566-6150. It will also be available through their website–but i’m not sure if it will simply be listed with my other albums, or if it will be in a different spot on the website, as the proceeds will all be going for a specific cause. Then the CD will also be available though the National Coalitions for Vocations by calling 1-800-671-NCCV, or going on their website, or through their catalog.”

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