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FOCUS: Missionary Katie Martinson!

by | Apr 5, 2007 | Home, JPII, Previous Blog

Many of you have or know of young people who will be going off to college next fall. It is in college that young people are searching for who they will become in life. In this video blog I talk to FOCUS missionary Katie Martinson who is currently reaching out to young people at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. FOCUS stands for Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Started back in 1998 by Curtis Martin, it shines as one of the outstanding college outreaches today. I’m sharing this with you with the hopes that you will support Katie and other FOCUS missionaries who are giving two years of their lives to change the world. The FOCUS website is and Katie’s email is Once you go to the FOCUS website you can see a list of all the FOCUS missionaries that could use your support. I pray that lives will change as a result of the efforts of young people like Katie.

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