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Lent: Do You Trust God?

by | Mar 19, 2007 | Home, Lent, Previous Blog

In this video blog I show you the relationship between the three trials that Jesus went through in the forty days in the wilderness (Matthew 4) and what Israel went through in the forty years in the wilderness (Exodus). I want to encourage you to maintain your trust in God, especially when going through a trial. Key passages for this video blog are Exodus 16, 17, 32; Deuteronomy 6, 8; Matthew 4 and Catechism 397, 538. I will be praying for you during this Lent. Concerning the goofy video of me below, that is Google’s problem. I think they randomly take a picture from the video I submitted. I believe this is the part where I was practicing my vowels and they chose to pause the video on one of them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this.

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