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Accordance Bible Software For The Macintosh!

Jeff Cavins and Accordance bible software
Some of you have asked what bible software I use. I’m very much a Macintosh enthusiast so I use a program called Accordance Bible Software by Oaksoft. I have used many different applications but found this package to be the most flexible and powerful. One really nice thing about this application is that you can buy a Catholic module which has Vatican II, The Summa, The Council of Trent, the current Catechism, the Church Fathers, Canon Law and more.

It’s nice to be able to search all the essential documents in seconds. Below you will find a synopsis of the application. For PC users I recommend Logos Software. Remember, if your in the market for a new computer, go Macintosh because the new Intel chip allows you to run either OSX for Mac or Windows for the PC.

Accordance Bible Software makes it incredibly easy to explore the text and background of the Bible. Here are a few of the ways Accordance can enhance your study of the Bible:

Dig into the Bible, not your Bible software

Accordance features an integrated and unobtrusive user interface that makes it easy to search the Bible. There are no hidden and confusing dialog boxes to deal with, because searching is built right into the window. Simply choose whether to search by verse or by word, enter your search, and click OK!

Compare multiple translations of the Bible

Accordance lets you display multiple Bible texts and translations side by side in the same window, making it easy to make comparisons.

Open right to the “page”!

The Resource palette gives you instant access to every book in your personal Bible study library, so that you can select a word or verse in the Bible text and go right to the appropriate section of a dictionary, commentary, or other study aid.

Look up the original Greek & Hebrew

Cavins and Accordance

Pass your mouse over a word in an English Bible with Key (Strong’s) numbers to see the Greek or Hebrew word which it translates. For a definition, simply triple-click the word you wish to look up.

See where it happened

Adding the Accordance Bible Atlas lets you instantly locate any place you read about on the map. Simply select a place name in the text of the Bible, then click the Map button on the Resource palette to find that place on a map. From there, you can customize the map by overlaying different sites, regions, and animated routes; create a 3-D map that you can fly through; or amplify to the Bible Lands PhotoGuide to see photographs of a location.

Do your own thing

Accordance lets you study the Bible the way you want to. Attach your own notes to any verse. Collect lists of verses for further study. Create your own custom user tools. Even highlight the text of the Bible in an assortment of colors and styles.


Build a Bible reference library


With well over 200 Accordance-compatible Bible texts and tools to choose from, it’s easy to build an extensive library of Bible texts, Greek and Hebrew lexicons, dictionaries, topical Bibles, commentaries, and theological works. And with all of these immediately accessible through the Resource palette, it’s easy to find the information you need.

Broaden your search


Of course, having an extensive library isn’t much help if you don’t know which book to consult, so Accordance lets you search your entire library in a single pass! Enter what you’re looking for into the Search All window and click OK. You’ll soon be given a list of every book in your library which contains your search criteria, and you can simply click on a book name to go there.

Narrow your search


Accordance also provides numerous ways for you to narrow your search so that you don’t waste time wading through a lot of extraneous search “hits.” In Bible texts, you can create your own custom search ranges, such as “Torah,” “Gospels,” and “Davidic Psalms.” In Tools such as commentaries and dictionaries, you can choose from various search “fields,” such as “Titles,” “Contents,” and “Scripture” to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Look up parallel passages


Certain Accordance CD-ROMs include databases of parallel passages which can be accessed through the Amplify palette, so that you can quickly find every place an Old Testament passage was quoted in the New Testament, and every parallel account in the Gospels, Epistles, and Hebrew Bible.

Dive into the original languages


The Accordance Scholar’s Collection CD-ROM contains grammatically-tagged versions of the Hebrew Bible, the Greek New Testament, the Greek Septuagint, and other texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. These texts enable you to build complex grammatical searches, to view a wealth of statistical information about your search, and to pass your cursor over any word to see its lexical form, parsing information, and English definition! For those working with the original languages, no other program even comes close to matching the capabilities of Accordance.

Benefit from the best in Biblical scholarship

With Accordance, you can access some of the most up-to-date and authoritative Greek and Hebrew lexicons, original language tools, Bible dictionaries, and commentaries currently available.

Search the Bible graphically


Sometimes you need to find complex grammatical constructions and subtle relationships between words. The Accordance Construct window makes this easy by enabling you to build such searches graphically. Define a construct to find the Granville-Sharp rule in Greek or the Intensive use of the infinitive absolute in Hebrew. You’ll be amazed at how powerful, and how easy to use, the Construct window really is.

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