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Jeff Interviewed on KTIS Radio

Along The Way
Last Tuesday, Jeff was interviewed on one of the top Protestant Radio Networks in the Country, KTIS. He was asked to come on the show because recently many Catholic listeners were discouraged by the misinformation about Catholicism that was being stated by some guests of the show. The host of the program, Along the Way, Kim Jeffries, recognizing this, graciously asked Jeff to be her guest; and I must say it was wonderful to listen to them and hear such charity in their conversation. What wonderful witnesses to Christ to see the humility displayed as two people struggle to show the world that that which unites Catholics and Protestants is so much greater than anything that could ever divide them!

Jeff did an excellent job, explaining for our Protestant brothers and sisters what Catholics actually believe and what the Church truly teaches about such topics as: Scripture, Mary (the Gebirah), the Papacy (the Al Beit), Suffering, Sharing in Christ’s Suffering, Sharing in Christ’s Glory, what it means that we are the Body of Christ, the history behind the Deuterocanonical books, the Reformation, the Church Fathers, the Eucharist, the Saints, Baptism, Confirmation, and much.. much… more! It was awesome! And all in 48 minutes.

The show ended with a warm invite for Jeff to return. And know, we will keep you informed of any upcoming interviews.

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