Holy Land January 2020

Holy Land January 2020


Come and Join Us!

Jeff teaching on site

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ITINERARY: Click here for Preliminary Itinerary for both pilgrimages

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In January 2020 there are two pilgrimages available.

Trip # One: January 6 to 20

Priests to accompany Trip One are Fr. Tom Rafferty from Houston, TX and Fr. James Cheney from Fargo, ND and Fr. Eric Clark from Lincoln, NE

Trip # Two (with option of Jordan/Petra): January 21 — Feb 4 (with extension, return Feb 8)

Priests to accompany Trip Two are Fr. Chris Walsh and Fr. Matt Guckin, both from Philadelphia. Cantor will be Lisa Lacayo of Metairie, LA.

Both trips will be the same itinerary except the second trip has the post-tour option.


Trip One:  January 6-20, 2020

Tour cost per person based on double occupancy:

From Miami/MIA or Newark/EWR: $4450

From New York/JFK: $4550

From St/Paul-Minneapolis/MSP: $4975

*Premium Economy Air Seats:

From New York/JFK or Newark/EWR: $5775

Trip Two:  January 21- February 4, 2020

From New York/JFK or Newark/EWR: $4500

Trip Two with Jordan Extension: January 21 - February 7, 2020 

From New York/JFK: $5800

ITINERARY and pricing For Post Tour: Click here for Post Tour Itinerary

*Premium Economy class seats are limited & available on first come/first serve basis. Passengers will enjoy spacious premium seats, an advanced entertainment system with a high quality 13" screen and a dedicated premium service by our cabin crew. Please note: this is NOT business/first class but Premium Economy.

Fares do not include $165 gratuities per person, but fares DO includes air taxes, fuel surcharge & fees subject to change until ticketed. Any changes will be advised at time of ticketing (All rates are based on cash discount)

Air add-ons from other cities by request

Single rooms are limited and at a higher rate. See online registration for full details.

We have hosted this itinerary over 40 times and work with a great team in the Holy Land and with Golden Eagle Travel and Tours, so we are able to offer pilgrims a smooth, fun, spiritual and enlightening time. We usually have 4 buses, each with its own guide, priest and rotating staff. Each pilgrim travels with their bus, experiencing the same itinerary, gathering for Jeff’s teachings and mass as well as staying at the same hotel locations.

Here’s a testimonial from 2019’s January pilgrimage:

A big thank you to you and Jeff for hosting such a wonderful pilgrimage last month to the Holy Land. We are still basking in the joy of it all, and every mass is now filled with new meaning and understanding.  We see Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan, Golgotha, etc. as we hear the gospel teachings at mass.  We felt so privileged to go, and pray we might be blessed to return someday, God willing. — Cindy M

Final Payment: September 10, 2019

Registrations received after final payment are subject to $100 surcharge

For Questions Please Contact: 

Golden Eagle Travel & Tours

Bonnie Lane: 952-474-0903

Tricia Stoltz: 952-679-8888  

A deposit of $500 ($150 non-refundable) per person and a completed registration is required to make a reservation.

INSURANCE NOTE: Details concerning the included insurance coverage and the purchase of optional trip cancellation insurance may be found on registration website.

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Fr. James Cheney

Fr. Cheney joined us in January of 2016. He is the Chaplain at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota. He will be joining the January 6-20 group.


Fr. Tom Rafferty

Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua in Houston, Texas. Fr. Tom has traveled with us several times to the Holy Land. He will be joining the January 6-20 group.


Fr. Chris Walsh & Fr. Matt Guckin

Both Fr. Matt and Fr. Chris have traveled to the Holy Land with us many times and are fabulous spiritual directors! They will be joining the January 21-February 4 group and Fr. Chris will continue on for the Jordan Extension.


Cantor Lisa Lacayo

Lisa and her husband Leonel will be joining us for the January 21-Feb 4 group. Lisa Marie Lacayo has been married to Dr. Leonel Lacayo for 30 years .She is the daughter of Deacon Rafael de los Reyes and his, wife Dulce. Lisa is mother of three and grandmother of four little ones and currently resides in Metairie, LA.

She graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1988 and since then her life has been dedicated to family and community through various acts of service. Reconnected at a Parish Mission with Jeff and Emily, she has been re-“activated” into service through music and will be the cantor for this upcoming Pilgrimage to The Holy Land.


Cantor Jackie Francios Angel

Jackie and her husband Bobby will be joining the January 6-20 group. Jackie traveled with us as cantor several years ago and now she’s back with Bobby! They have two daughters and a son.

Jackie: Besides being a daughter of God, a total goofball, and a logical romantic, I’m a full-time traveling worship leader, speaker, songwriter from Orange County, CA. In 2006, I got signed with Spirit&Song.com/OCP and released two albums with them titled, “Your Kingdom is Glorious” and “Divine Comedy.”

Bobby: I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and went into the seminary after college because Jesus wouldn’t leave me alone. Ironically, in pursuing the celibate priesthood I was led to marriage.. I work as a campus minister and theology teacher at an all-boys Catholic high school.