Tour Day 10, Jan 16

Today we drove down toward the Dead Sea for Mass at Qasar El Yehud, renewing our baptismal vows at the wilderness part of the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus (Mark 1:9-11.) Next we stopped at En Gedi, a natural spring where David hid from Saul (1 Samuel 26). Jeff used the natural surroundings to illustrate his talk. Next we headed to Masada, the wilderness palace fortress built by Herod the Great. The final suicidal stand of the Jews against the Romans took place here in 73 AD. We took the gondola to the top where we toured this amazing site & heard the even more incredible story. We ended the afternoon at a Dead Sea beach to take a float in this unique body of water. The mineral rich waters are so buoyant that it seems more like bobbing than floating! Tonight was our farewell dinner and each bus presented a song or skit to prove they were the best bus. Blue bus won!