Itinerary & Photos for 5/16

Today we go to the area of the Dead Sea. ~ En Gedi, a refreshing oasis (Song of Solomon 1:14), is where David hid from Saul (1 Samuel 26). It is a national park where we enjoy refreshing shade, the sounds of cooling waterfalls & hopefully view the ibex & irex, animals here since biblical times. ~ At Qumran we see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found & hear the story of the community that hid them. ~ We continue north for mass at Qasar El Yehud, renewing our baptismal vow at the wilderness part of the Jordan River thought to be where John the Baptist baptized Jesus (Mark 1:9-11). It is also where Joshua brought the Children of Israel across the Jordan River into the Promised Land (Joshua 3). We have mass here. ~ At a resort we can go to the shore of the Dead Sea & enter this unique body of water. The mineral rich waters are so buoyant that it seems more like bobbing than floating! ~ We return to Jerusalem, again on the Jericho Road. Shabat begins at sundown.