Itinerary & Photos 5/14

At Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ ministry for over a year & a half (Matthew 4, 8, 9,) we see Peter’s house & the remains of an early synagogue on the site of the 1st century synagogue where Jesus taught (Mark 1:21-34). Mass is in the modern Franciscan church which stands over St. Peter’s house. ~ The Church of St. Peter’s Primacy recalls John 21:15-19 where Christ queries Peter about his future role, reinstating him. A stone called mensa Christi or “The Lord’s Table” is thought to be where He prepared the meal for the disciples he found together that morning. After a teaching there is time for meditation at the water’s edge. ~ We drive up the hill north of the Sea of Galilee to visit the beautiful Mount of the Beatitudes church (Matthew 5:1-12.) Overlooking the Sea of Galilee from above Capernaum, in the area where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), we find a serene place to meditate on the same view of Galilee enjoyed by Jesus & his followers. ~ We travel north through the Hula Valley which divides the Galilee from the Golan Heights. ~ At Caesarea Philippi, Peter first identified Jesus as the Messiah & Jesus announced Peter's role in the church (Matthew 16:17-19.) Also called Banias, the Arabic pronunciation of “Paneas”, referring to the Greek god Pan, we see the ruins of the Roman temple, known as “The Gates of Hell” (Matthew 16:18).  We end the day back at the Sea of Galilee with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.