Day 1, January 9

This morning we started the day at Caesarea Maritima for a tour of the ruins of Herod the Great's palace complex where St. Paul was held prisoner on his way to Rome. Jeff gave a teaching in the theater. Next we headed to Mt. Carmel for a view of the land, passing Megiddo and on to Magdala, the home town of St. Mary Magdalene. We had a historic moment there as we are the first pilgrim's group to every have in the newly built church overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Fr. Steven Hoffman was the presider. The Legionaries of Christ are building an entire pilgrim's center where all are welcome. From there we went to our kibbutz where we will be staying for the next few nights along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

L to R Fr. Hoffman, Fr. Halbing, Fr. Schmitz, Fr. Sizemore, Fr. Meagher