Day Three, April 13th

This morning we left Assisi after breakfast and some cappuchino. We drove a few hours through Tuscany to Siena. Jeff and Father Walsh each had a time of teaching on the buses along the way. In Siena, Fr. Walsh taught about St. Catherine of Siena at St. Dominic's Church, where we had mass at the main altar. Next we had free time to get a bite to eat before taking a walking tour of Siena. We saw the amazing Gothic Cathedral on the highest point of the city and spent quite a bit of time gazing at the many paintings, sculptures and high ceilings. The Cathedral took 100 years to build but 500 years to decorate it inside and out. Next we walked to the main city square where twice a year they hold a horse race called the Palio.
We departed Siena and drove to Rome, arriving at our hotel for a late dinner.