Tuesday, January 11

After breakfast, we headed northeast around the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum for mass followed by a prayer and anointing of the sick. The Church of St. Peter is right above the actual house of Peter from the time of Jesus. We toured the synagogue there and Jeff gave a teaching about Jesus' healing of paralytic. Then we took a short drive to visit the Mount of the Beatitudes. Here, in the hills above Capernaum near site of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12,) we spent time meditation in the serene gardens. Then we traveled north through the Hula Valley which divides the Galilee from the Golan Heights to Tel Dan for a walk in the nature reserve and to view the reconstruction of an Israelite gate to the city. After lunch we stopped at Caesarea Philippi, where Peter first identified Jesus as the Messiah and Jesus announced Peter's role in the church (Matthew 16:17-19.)  When we returned to the Sea of Galilee, we boarded a Jesus Boat for a trip out onto the waters of the sea to enjoy the sunset and a special teaching from Jeff.