Greece Pilgrimage Day 10

Again today people chose to either stay and relax in port in Crete, the largest Greek island, or to take a excursion through the town of Heraklion or to the famous Knossos Palace, built by King Minos around 1700 BC. St. Paul also stopped here on his way to Rome (Acts 27), where he ordained his disciple & companion Titus and left him to finish the work (Titus 1:5). Some of the group went on a "Taste of Crete" excursion and tried Greek specialties and wine. Then back on ship Jeff gave a teaching about suffering and a group of fellow Catholics from Phoenix joined us for mass. We stopped at the island of Santorini before stopping at the beautiful island with its high village and mysterious volcanic history. We sailed for Piraeus/Athens at 9pm.