Greece Pilgrimage Day 6

Today we headed west to tour the scenic Peloponnesian Peninsula and went to the Bronze Age site of Mycenae to visit the museum and go inside the tholos, a huge beehive like stone structure used as a tomb for kings of that ancient civilization. Then after lunch went to Corinth where St. Paul stayed a couple of times while on his journeys (Acts 18:1-18; 20:3). Its powerful location on the narrow Isthmus of Corinth made it a major Greek city from the 8th century BC. Here Paul worked as a tentmaker while establishing the Corinthian church with the help of locals like Aquila and Priscilla. He wrote the book of Romans from Corinth on his second visit, about 58 AD.  Most of the remains we saw are from Roman times rather than Greek, built after Caesar destroyed the city in 146 AD.  There is very little left of the Temple of Aphrodite or the 6th century BC Temple of Apollo which dominated the life of Corinth in St. Paul’s time. It was chilly and rainy so we didn't have mass on site in Corinth, but had mass in the evening at the hotel. We will also visited the ancient port of Cenchreae where St. Paul set sail for Ephesus. We retuned to our hotel for Mass and dinner. Many people walked around the Palaka area of Athens near the Acropolis for gelato.