Alaskan Cruise Update

New discount for children on the Alaskan Scripture Cruise!

Holland America has reduced the price for 3rd or 4th passengers in any cabin and has cancelled the fuel surcharge!

$200 off the price of each child!

Tri and Quad rooms are limited, so call Bonnie Lane of Golden Eagle Travel for detail on this great savings!   Bonnie Lane: 952-474-0903

We can now offer a lower cost for children on the Alaskan Scripture Cruise.   If your child is the 3rd or 4th person sharing the cabin, the total child's cost, including cruise, children's program, and all taxes/fees will be reduced from $687.15 to $459.15.   Anyone who has already been invoiced at the higher rates will receive a new invoice with the new rates.

Adults who are 3rd or 4th passengers in any cabin will also save.   The rate is now $759.15, rather than $887.15, for the cruise, seminar and all taxes/fees.

In some cases we are able to reduce the 1st and 2nd passenger rates also, as Holland America Line has offered some special discounts.   If there is an applicable sale rate, you will have that benefit as well.