Israel Update 1/5/09

Happy New Year to All. We are soon to depart for Israel on a tour with 128 pilgrims! We are very excited about bringing so many to experience the holy sites in Israel. Though the media paints the picture of the area as a frightening war zone, the places where we will tour are safe places which hundreds of tourist are visiting at this moment. Gaza is not close to the areas where Holy Land tours operate, so it is safe to tour in Israel.

Our tour departs on January 18 and soon thereafter we will start posting updates and photos from Israel so family and friends can follow our journey.

We pray for all those who are suffering due to the military strikes in Gaza. Hamas has been shooting rockets into southern Israel from Gaza since 2000. Israel has finally decided to put an end to this, and has gone in to Gaza to destroy the launching sites. Unfortunately, civilians can be hurt in this type of defensive because Hamas hides among the civilian population. As Christians, let us continue to pray for all those involved for peace, safety and conversion.