Holy Land Pilgrimage -- Day Eight

The morning started with a tour of the Temple Mount and viewing the Eastern Gate from outside within the Muslim Cemetery. Then we attended mass at St. Peter in Gallicantu, which is on the site of the High Priest Caiaphas' home. We walked on the 1st century steps where Jesus most likely walked on his way to face Pontius Pilate. We returned to the Old City to walk along the Roman Cardo to the Jewish Quarter for lunch. Then we spent time at the Davidson Center where Jeff taught on the steps leading to the Temple Mount. From there we went to the City of David excavations and on to the Pool of Siloam. Then we visited the Western Wall and walked through the rabinnical tunnels that run along the foundations of the Temple Mount.

Temple Mount

Eastern Gate

1st Century Steps near   Caiphas' House

Lunch American style!

The Temple Mount Steps

The Western Wall

Rabbinic Tunnels