Holy Land Pilgrimage -- Day Four

Today we left the Galilee through the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea. First we stopped at Mt. Tabor for mass at the Basilica of the Transfiguration. Then we stopped at Bet Alfa to view a mosaic floor of a synagogue from the 4th century CE before arriving at Bet She'an, a Greco-Roman city that has been partially restored to show the streets and shops as they originally were before the earthquake of 78 CE. We ascended by the Jericho road toward Jerusalem. We stopped at the Promenade overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and our guide shared the traditional blessing of wine with all of us as the horns blew to announce the start of the Jewish sabbath.

Mass on the Mt. of Trasfiguration

Deacon Ed and son Frank Lazarek on Mt. Tabor

Maldanado's at Bet Alfa

Emilio at Bet Alfa

The following 3 photos are from the Greco-Roman ruins of Bet Shean

The following 2 photos are from the Promenade overlooking Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus