Holy Land Pilgrimage -- Day Two

Betty and Bonnie say hi to everyone at home!

This morning we drove to Cana, where Jesus performed His first recorded miracle at the wedding feast. Here many married couples had the opportunity to renew their wedding vows, led by Fr. Dominic Breise. Then we went to mass at The Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Next we visited Kfar Kedem, a model of life in the time of Jesus. We rode donkeys, made goat cheese and watched how bread was made in Jesus' time. Returning to the Sea of Galilee, we visited the Ancient Boat dated to the time of Jesus. At night we ate a special St. Peter fish dinner at the kibbutz Ein Gev.

The photos of the next two couples who renewed their vows at Cana each have the last name of Potter, have been married 40 years and were married on the same day of June 28! Isn't that something!

John and Jude Potter

Gene and Mary Ellen Potter

Peter and Niki Wraight renewed their vows at Cana

The Larkins renewed their vows at Cana

Jean and Sonja say hi to loved ones at home!

Msgr. Pricco and Sue Hanson at Church of the Annunciation

Augusnel Osme and Emantes George at Kfar Kedem

Fr. Rick Frechette and Patty Rowland at Kfar Kedem

Dr. Alan and Mary Ellen De Bord at Kfar Kedem

Vicki Park and Ginger Gessner in Nazareth