A Fabulous Guide to Prepare you for your Holy Land Pilgrimage

Jeff Cavins & Sarah Christmyer JournalThere are many ways to begin preparing for your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. You can scan the inexhaustible sites on the internet, check out books such as Fodor's Exploring Israel and Jerusalem and the Holy Land, interview countless people who have made the journey, absorb yourself in the history and geography of the Land of Milk and Honey, or watch a documentary such as The Path of the Messiah. All of these are excellent options and will serve you well, but, the best step you can take in self preparation is one of prayer.

What better way to equip yourself for the journey ahead than to have the power of prayer in your pocket, and what better way to pray than to pray the Scriptures? As you look forward to not only walking in the footsteps of our Lord, but also to embarking on the journey of a lifetime, you will recognize the intrinsic need for guidance, for a spiritual road map. I once read, "The Holy Land is the only place in the world whose 'tourist guide' is the Bible." That is a fascinating thought. Just hearing it makes me want to dive in and read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to assure I am completely prepared to set out on this great adventure. However, reading through the entire Bible is no easy task! Luckily, I have found a wonderful guide, a journal that walks me through salvation history in a 90 day reading plan, taking me through the fourteen narrative books of the Bible as outlined in the Great Adventure Bible Timeline. The book is called, The Bible Timeline Guided Journal by Sarah Christmyer.

The Bible Timeline Guided Journal is an excellent recommendation for anyone who truly wants to prepare his or her soul for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Arranged in chapters designed to take you through the twelve periods of Bible history, this guide assigns several chapters of reading over a 90 day period and provides ample room for you to journal. How great it would be to devote the months preceding your pilgrimage to reading and praying Scripture through the assistance of this wonderful guide and then to take it with you to the Holy Land and add to the appropriate pages that which you are taught by Jeff once you are actually sitting in the places where Christ lived, taught, suffered, and died for our sins.

I highly recommend including Sarah Christmyer's The Bible Timeline Guided Journal to your list of tools as you prepare for your pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Whether you are traveling with us in January, June or just someday, this book will prove to not only prepare you for your specific pilgrimage, but it will prepare you for a lifetime of reading Scripture as you journey on this great adventure!