Wrap Up to a Wonderful Pilgrimage!

Hello Friends!

Can you believe that it has only been a week since we were together in the Holy Land? Although it seems like an eternity ago, it certainly has provided a lifetime of memories!

On behalf of Dr. Tim Gray, my wife Emily, and my assistant Kelly, I would like to thank you for making our journey to Israel so memorable. We truly experienced a wonderful and unique pilgrimage. Never have I been on a trip where so many people have come forward and shared their gifts: musical talents, spiritual direction, and even medical support!

Another unique quality to this pilgrimage was the beautiful diversity in age groups. How blessed we were to witness the old (mature) and the young inspire each other: the younger inspiring the older with their enthusiasm for Christ, and the older inspiring the younger with their tenacity in faith.

Adding to the wonderful qualities above, we were greatly blessed by the presence of our fabulous priests. What beautiful witness these men are to His Kingdom on earth! The quality of the homilies each day was stunning. Many of you commented on this exact fact, and I only wish we would have recorded each and everyone of them; for, they all filled us with a lifetime of spiritual direction.

I would also like to thank you for your patience and flexibility on this journey. As in many pilgrimages to the Middle East, itineraries can change, and each of you just went with the flow so nicely. Even our much anticipated video blog experienced problems, yet you were patient. On that note, I will be continuing to post the videos so you can enjoy them on the website. I will also post links on the website to purchase both Danielle's CDs, and the video The Path of the Messiah (A two hour video documentary which follows Raymond Arroyo and me as we travel to the Holy Land, retracing the footsteps of Our Lord from His Birth to His Resurrection.) We are also currently looking into a way to share our pictures online and as many of you are aware, Theresa is working tirelessly to set up an email distribution list so we can all keep in touch. We will also be organizing trips to Turkey, Greece, and Rome and 2nd timer's trip to the Holy Land, so continue to watch the website for information.

Now that you've walked the path of Christ, I suggest you start to read through the Scriptures. Devotionally read the narrative books as outlined in The Great Adventure and try to pick out places you've been. Also, pray the rosary, meditating on each place you stood.

More than anything else, on behalf of the team, we pray that Mass is a deeper experience for you, that your prayer is more intimate, your reading of Scripture more enlightened, and that Christ is forever glorified in your life as a result of this investment. I think you would agree with me that this trip was an investment in our spiritual journey for life!