Holy Land Pilrimage Update! (5/4/07)

Greetings All!

We had a wonderful meeting with the pilgrims from Minnesota last night, and although we were sad we that each of you couldn't join us, we rejoice in the knowledge that in less than 3 weeks we will all be together following the footsteps of our Lord!

I just wanted to give you a brief update of some of the key items addressed:

1. In the beginning of next week, Pentecost Tours will be mailing a packet to you. This packet will contain: your airline or E-ticket; a personalized flight schedule; ticket and passport holder; two emergency hotel lists (one for you to bring with you, and one for you to leave at home with loved ones); name badge and clip; two luggage tags (color coded with your name badge); and list of everyone on the tour.

2. Once you have your flight number, the reservation is under your name and you may call the airlines should you want to give them your frequent flyer numbers.

3. You will only be responsible for tipping the maid and your server at any lunches (as lunches are not included). All other tips (Driver, guide, matradee, etc...) have already been included.

4. Read the preparation section of the study manual you received. It has excellent information regarding money, food, shopping, packing etc...

5. Be sure and call your credit card companies/banks to let them know that you are traveling to Israel.

6. Check out this website for an updated video blog from Jeff early next week!

Looking forward to embarking with you on this journey that will bring us deeper into the understanding of Sacred Scriptures and closer to Christ and His mission of redemption.

God bless,