Holy Land Pilgrimage Update 5/14

Wow! 6 days until departure!!! It is getting exciting! I did receive some emails with questions common to those posted by Herb on May 12, so I will try and cover all the bases in this update:

1) As there are only about 25 of us traveling from MPLS, you can just check in and go to the gate where you will be joyously welcomed by Jeff, Emily, and myself. (Should you show up there with a Grande Non-fat Chai Latte, my welcome to you would be even more joyous!)

2) With respect to what time to arrive at the airport, the airport does suggest you be there 3 hours ahead of time; however, one of us: Jeff, Emily or I will be there at 5:00 am to greet you at the Northwest domestic counter to help you through.

3) Those traveling from MPLS and Denver will have their luggage checked all the way through to Tel Aviv. This is possible because the flight has been set up by Pentecost Tours. Make sure that they ticket your bags with a TLV ticket. If you have set up your own connecting flight to Newark, you will need to take possession of your luggage and recheck it at El Al counter in Newark.

4) Bring your Frequent Flyer number to the desk with you at check in as Frequent Flyer miles may not be issued ahead of time. Know that you are responsible for asking the person at the desk about Frequent Flyers miles. If you don't do this at this time, save all boarding passes, ticket stubs and flight schedules and do it upon your return.

5) Seat assignments will be issued by Pentecost as they have tried to arrange for roommates, families, and husbands and wives, to sit together. You will be able to check your seat assignment at the airport.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

God Bless,