Great Bible Conference in Boca Raton!

Jeff Cavins and Dion DimucciThis last weekend I teamed up with Dr. Tim Gray (no that's not Tim to the left, it's Dion) for a wonderful conference at St. Joan of Arc in Boca Raton Florida. St. Joan of Arc parish is becoming a hub for scripture studies in Southern Florida. Last year I did the Great Adventure Bible Timeline in one day and this year we did the Gospel of Matthew in one day. Next year we will do the Acts of the Apostles. The hunger for scripture in south Florida is impressive. If you are interested in your parish hosting a bible seminar go to for all the details.

While in Florida I was able to renew my friendship with Dion who is a bible enthusiast himself. Dion, who many of you know sang the The Wanderer and Runaround Sue, has a contagious zeal for scripture. By the way, he is up for a Grammy this year for the category Traditional Blues. A few years ago Dion and I were on a scripture cruise and decided to try parasailing. I went first but the rope got caught in the engine and I was left dangling about ten feet in the air. After the owners of the boat assured us that it would only take an hour to fix the rope we decided that we would pass. So needless to say neither one of us went sailing that day. In fact, I've never been parasailing, just para.

By the way, Pope John Paul II High School in Boca Raton will be the host of Steubenville's High School Conference on March 17th, 2007. For more information go to

Thanks to Roger Robbe, Fr. John Gallagher and Msgr. John McMahon for your great work.