We’re Going Back To Israel In May!

Eli Shukron discovered the Pool of Siloam

Eli Shukron (pictured above) discovered the Pool of Siloam at the base of the City of David.

We had a wonderful pilgrimage to Israel. About half of us are back home in the United States while the other half went on to Jordan. Today (1/29) our pilgrims are at Petra in Jordan and they are having a wonderful time. I can't tell you what it meant for our pilgrims to receive your email daily and I know that it meant a lot to you who were back in America to see your loved ones on video. The company I use in Israel for my tours was so impressed with the way we used technology to follow the trip that they want to adopt it as the new norm for pilgrimages.

Some of you have inquired as to how you can get a copy of the videos from the trip. I will be posting that information in a couple of days.

I do want to remind you that Dr. Tim Gray will be joining me for another great trip to the Holy Land in May of this year. You can click on the Pilgrimages and Cruises tab at the top for more information. We still have some seats available.

In 2008 I will be in Israel for two months to lead pilgrimages. My wife Emily will be working on an archaeological dig for her degree. She is also pursuing a degree in Hebrew in addition to a degree in Biblical Archeology. In 2008 I will be training guides in Israel on how to give Catholic pilgrimages in the Holy Land.