Emily Cavins to Present "Great Adventure Kids" materials at MN Home Educators Conference

I am excited to be sharing at the Minnesota Home Educator's Conference this weekend about the new children's materials from Ascension Press called Great Adventure Kids. I am offering the attendees a tip sheet on how to teach children the bible using Great Adventure Kids. Anyone who has purchase the children's materials is free to download the PDF. God bless you as you pass on the story of salvation to your children! Click here to download tip sheet.

To view in-store and purchase the materials in the Minnesota area, go to St. George's Christian Bookstore The materials are also available through Ascension Press.

The set of 5 Great Adventure Kids items include a colorbook, bible timeline chart, prayer bead lanyard, and bookmark.

Since the release of the products in January we have heard positive feedback and reviews for which we are very grateful as we endeavor to spread the gospel to all!

Bible & Liturgy Conference at Mundelein, IL

I want to thank both the Liturgical Institute and the Saint Paul Center for inviting me to participate in their wonderful conference on September 20th. The conference, held at Mundelein, was entitled "The Bible & the Liturgy: Written Text Becomes Living Word." Conference speakers included Dr. John Cavadini, Dr. Lynne Boughton, Dr. David Fagerberg with Dr. William Portier, Dr. Brant Pitre, Fr. Robert Barron and Dr. Scott Hahn.

I gave a keynote address entitled "The Bible, Liturgy and Salvation History." Those of you who are interested in obtaining copies of the talks can contact The Liturgical Institute at the University of St. Mary of the Lake at 847-297-4360.

Cavins Mundelein Liturgical Institute

Think, Pray & Vote!

This quote from Archbishop Charles J. Chaput in his new book Render Unto Caesar speaks about living our faith in a convenient way regarding public issues.

"Second, in recent American politics, the line that divides 'prophetic witness' from 'violating the separation of church and state' usually depends on who draws the line, who gets offended - and by what issue. The line wanders conveniently. But Catholics, in seeking to live their faith, can't follow convenience."

Think, Pray & Vote!

This quote from Archbishop Charles J. Chaput in his new book Render Unto Caesar emphasizes the stand Christians need to take regarding public issues.

"Obviously the common good demands a respect for other people with different beliefs and a willingness to compromise whenever possible. But for Catholics, the common good can never mean muting themselves in public debate on foundational issues of faith or human dignity. Christian faith is always personal but never private. This is why any notion of tolerance that tries to reduce faith to a private idiosyncrasy, or a set of opinions that we can indulge at home but need to be quiet about in public, will always fail. As a friend once said, 'it's like asking a married man to act single in public.' He can certaly do that--but he won't stay married for long."

To order Render Unto Caesar: Serving the Nation by Living our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life click here.