Pilgrim's Guide Book Available!

A Pilgrim's Guide to the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha in Jerusalem will make a difference in your experience at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre!

We are happy that we can now make this 26 page booklet available to anyone who would like deeper insight into that pivotal moment of the Catholic faith: the location of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. The illustrations will show you how the tomb of Christ may have looked to those who passed by Golgotha on their way into Jerusalem. Many other views of the location throughout the centuries are included as well. 

To order, send a $10 check to Emily Cavins, PO Box 1533, Maple Grove, MN 55311 for the cost of the book and postage.

Detailed Book Description:

Archaeologist and Tour Guide, Emily Cavins has written this guide to aid pilgrims in unraveling the mystery of the current Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which at first visit seems to be a confusing mixture of structures and rooms unlike any church ever visited. This pilgrim's guide shows each phase of the Tomb of Christ and Golgotha from the First Century through the Crusader Era using illustrations by Valerie Woelfel that are drawn as though the viewer is standing in the courtyard of the current Church looking at the entrance. Valerie has also drawn several map diagrams of the different phases of Jerusalem from an aerial perspective to help the pilgrim understand the changes over the many centuries. Each chapter has a very brief synopsis about the illustration followed by a fuller description of each of the following eras:


  • the time of Christ
  • the time of the Roman Emporer Hadrian
  • the time of Constantine
  • the time of the Crusaders


followed by a numbered floor plan diagram of the current church with a key noting all of the main rooms, sites and chapels within the church as well as which Christian sect has jurisdiction of that spot. This booklet emphasizes the continuity of pilgrimage to this holy site and encourages the reader to enter in to the experience as though this place belongs to them. In the back of the guide, pilgrims can attach their own photo as a memento onto an illustration of the portals of the front entrance of the church. The text is fully footnoted.

New Book On St. Kateri Is Out!

Lily of the Mohawks: the Story of St. Kateri

by Emily Cavins

Foreword by Fr. Mitch Pacwa

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American North American saint who was cannonized October 21, 2012. Her life took place during an extremely fascinating period of history as the first Europeans began exploring North American and encounter the Native Americans. Her conversion was remarkable in her fervor and devotion, willing to leave everything to be closer to Christ.

Lily of the Mohawks: The Story of St. Kateri is published through Servant Books and can be ordered at Franciscanmedia.com.


My Heart Is a Violin

I had the privilege of writing the book My Heart Is a Violin. It is the autobiography of a Holocaust survivor and talented violinist, Shony Alex Braun. I am still amazed to this day of the character and depth of this man who suffered so much in his life. I feel very honored to have worked closely with him and his wife. I find it difficult at times to read portions of this book because of the great losses he suffered, but his triumphant soul is always a source of inspiration.

 I hope you find this uplifting story and inspiration for your own life. I have heard from so many people that this has been one of the most powerful stories they have ever read.

 To order copies of the book go to www.shonyalexbraun.com. All royalties of this book purchased through his website go directly to support Shony’s widow, Shari.

Emily Cavins

Emily is the author of My Heart Is a Violin: The Autobiography of Renowned Violinist/Composer and Holocaust Survivor Shony Alex Braun and co-editor of Amazing Grace for Mothers. She is the developer of the “Great Adventure Kids” bible study materials that center around teaching children the plan of salvation history, based on her husband Jeff’s "The Great Adventure: A Journey through the Bible" available through Ascension Press.

She recently finished her degree in Classical and Near Eastern Archeology from the University of Minnesota. She has participated in several archaeological digs in Israel. Here's a video of her with Prof. Dan Bahat, foremost archaeologist on the Western Wall Tunnels.

Some of her favorite hobbies are drinking tea, gardening, writing and traveling with her husband of over thirty years, Jeff Cavins.