Fr. Ralph Jones Story of Healing!

Fr. Ralph Jones recently returned from a Holy Land pilgrimage with my wife and me. A few days after our return we received a phone call from him with the most amazing news. We were all in tears over the news that he was healed of cancer!  

Fr. Ralph is no ordinary man. After a life as an educator, social worker and US Army Reserve colonel, he graduated from Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT, and was ordained to the priesthood at the young age of 69 on June 14, 2003! He then served as a missionary to the Ojibwa in North Dakota, was president of Our Lady of Corpus Christi undergraduate school and now is priest of Stella Maris Chapel, the oldest chapel in the Diocese of Corpus Christi, TX. He holds healing masses there each week.

Besides his beautiful testimony of his healing from stage 4 lung cancer on our pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Fr. Ralph gives an inspiring teaching on why, when we pray, does God miraculously heal some and not others. His joyful and loving presentation will make your day!