Wishing You a Christ-filled Christmas!

It seems harder and harder to find Jesus in the days leading up the celebration of his birth. It can be a challenge to find a Christmas card that actually has a nativity or some reference to the reason for the season. We found a nice one at a Christain bookstore, a great place to shop because they have the emphasis in the right place with Jesus and Mary front and center. However, outside of a Christ-centered store, finding Jesus is very difficult.

It is ironic that so much of our society is wrapped up in the frenzy of buying gifts and attending parties, many of whom will not attend church at all on Christmas. Christ's Mass! If you do nothing else to prepare for Christmas and you attend Christmas mass, you've done your part in celebrating the Incarnation, Christ among us, Emmanuel. We wish all the best during the Christmas season and may the true joy that stems from Christ in our hearts be what endures. All the glitter and gifts will be set aside in a few weeks, but the the joy of the Lord can remain all year! We wish you that kind of Christmas!!!