January Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Update!

We are traveling with 145 pilgrims in the Holy Land and all is going well. We started at Caesarea and have moved throughout the Galilee. We made our way to Jerusalem and have had many wonderful experiences, at the top of the list would be mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We have posted hundreds of pictures to help family and friends follow us on this life-changing pilgrimage.

You can follow our pilgrimage a number of ways. 

1) www.Facebook.com/simplyjeffcavins.com 

2) Frequent Tweets on Twitter under JeffCavins or search #cavinspilgrimage 

3) or simply go to this link from our website.

We have appreciated your prayers and the pilgrims have commented often that they feel the prayers of loved ones back home. If you were not able to join us on this pilgrimage, we do hope that you will have the opportunity in the future as it really is a life changing devotion. 


Jeff & Emily