Your Parish Can Host A Bible Seminar!

Did you know that the Great Adventure Bible studies are going on the road? Many of our ten or twenty-four week studies have been put into a brief, one-day seminar to give students a taste of the longer studies. We have found that a seminar proves to be an effective way to introduce Bible study to those in your parish who might not otherwise join a study. Learn more about Great Adventure Bible Studies at One-day seminars that are offered are: 

  • The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation
  • Matthew: The King and His Kingdom
  • Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom
  • Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come 

The Great Adventure Bible Study or One-day Seminar entitled "The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation" is a unique look at the entire Bible as a complete story. You will go through the whole Bible, capturing the story of salvation history and learn how to read and pray the Scriptures for the rest of your life.

Janene Montlouis schedules our Great Adventure seminars and she can answer all your questions about how to schedule and host one of our seminars.  To schedule a seminar, click here. To inquire, call Janene at 877-842-1877, ext. 204.

Corinne Murphy and Ann Marie Chiaravalloti are two of our Bible Study Specialist and they would be happy to assist you in leading one of our Bible studies at your parish. Corinne and Ann Marie are dedicated and equipped to help you take your next step in Bible study. You can either email them or call 877-842-1877, ext. 209 or 210.