Have a Meaningful Day in Light of the Resurrection!

In the Christian life, we  often find ourselves doing the opposite of what the world does. We divest ourselves of self-promotion and the accumulation of earthly treasure. We put others before ourselves and offer our own suffering up, in union with Christ, for others (Col 1:24). 

This life we live may look weak in the eyes of the world, just as Christ looked weak as He hung on the cross.  But in a strange twist of heavenly irony, right at the point where we are weak, we become strong. The death of Christ seemed to be the greatest disappointment in the history of the world, but love changed that disappointment and pain into the greatest source of life and encouragement ever. 

All of our suffering, all of our challenges and apparent defeats are worth an eternal weight of glory in light of the Resurrection. God's glory, which we will share in, will last forever as it is imperishable. We live our daily lives with the resurrection power of Christ, and one day our bodies will be raised as imperishable bodies.

If Christ has not been raised, the whole foundation of the Christian faith has been removed. Everything we experience on earth is motivated and fueled by the power of the resurrection.

Jeff and Emily wish you a very blessed Easter!