His Words Matter, So Should Yours!

One of our Great Adventure leaders passed this video on to Anne Marie Chiaravalloti, one of our Group Specialists. The video is a marvelous example of how our words and the way we use them can change someone's life. When we invite people to a bible study, we have no idea what the concept of a "bible study" means to them.

Perhaps "bible study" means a dry meeting where we talk about things that we really don't understand, resulting in just a discussion about how we feel.  For some, Bible study is frustrating, time-consuming, and they don't see how it's going to benefit their life. The Great Adventure Bible studies are not just bible studies, they are opportunities to encounter a beautiful life. In the Great Adventure Bible Studies you encounter your heavenly Father, who created you, loves you and has a tremendous plan for your life.

When you invite people to a bible study, don't end the conversation without the assurance that they have a clear understanding of you mean by "bible study." In other words, you describe what a Bible study really is.

When you participate in a Great Adventure Bible study, it doesn't end with just word definitions, geography and historical background, as important as they are. A Great Adventure Bible Study builds on the treasures of the Church, it's fed by a rich tradition and years of wisdom. As you join your will to God's, the study blossoms into a life-giving relationship with God and a fruitful, doable plan for your future.

When you come together in a Great Adventure Bible study, you are not just gathering with other people by chance, you are meeting family members who may have already gone through some of the struggles you are currently facing. There's a chance that those family members have discovered the secret to suffering and adversity and they just happen to be sitting right next to you.

At your parish, don't just invite people to a bible study, invite them to beautiful future, filled with hope, healing and purpose. His words matter, so should yours!