Failure, the Key to Something Greater!

I love how this video illustrates a principal in life that we all can learn from: that is “always follow your shot.” You'll notice that the young lady, Abby, on the Minnetonka girls basketball team is very focused on the free-throw. She puts in the necessary physical and mental preparation for the big shot. At the same time, it seems that those standing on the edge of the key are equally prepared for what is about to take place.

The best free-throw shooters in the world are apt to miss some shots. Watch what this young lady does. She doesn't settle for zero points. She is the only one that pursues the missed shot, grabs the ball and throws it up for not one point but now two points.

Notice the progression. She prepares for one point, fails to deliver, but doesn't give up and continues to pursue the ball while all around her are simply watching. She takes the ball and lays it up for what is now two points. What this video teaches me is that we should not settle for disappointments but look for the opportunity on the other side of what seems to be failure.

In life we sometimes fail, we fail the Lord, we fail our family, colleagues at work and we even fail ourselves. One of the beautiful things about the Lord is that he provides us with second chances if we are willing to move on from the point of the mistake. Through repentance, confession and tenacity, God gives us the ball for a second chance. 

I once heard someone state it like this: “Don't put a period where God has put a comma.” Always "follow your shot." Truly, Christ makes all things new.