Bible Timeline Seminar Coming To Maine!

This weekend I'll be at Holy Family Church in Old Town, Maine. On Friday night, November 18th I'll be giving a talk entitled, "I'm Not Being Fed," a talk about the need for the Eucharist. I've heard so many people say that they had to "leave the Catholic Church because they weren't being fed." I address that statement in this talk, which is open to the public. 
On Saturday I'll be conducting a seminar, "The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation." We will go through the entire Bible in one day. If you know of anyone in the Bangor area that may be interested, please help me in getting the word out. Students will recieve materials that will be very helpful in going through the entire bible. To attend you do not have to have any prior experience studying the bible.
Call 201-299-4987 or email Ellen Austin at