Treemendous Night in Greensburg, IN!

I spoke at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greensburg, Indiana, tonight. Fascinating city, particularly the tree growing out of the top of the Decatur County Courthouse in downtown Greensburg.

The tree reminds me of the fact that we can grow and thrive in the most difficult of situations. Somehow, someway, a seed landed on the top of the courthouse and somehow it was watered. Paul talked about something similar, "one plants, another waters, but God causes the increase."

Maybe you are that tree in the midst of a difficult job environment. Perhaps you are that tree in a tough marriage. Remember that God can do amazing things with you in the toughest of places. Who knows, maybe one day people will be amazed and blessed by what God has done with you. Pray for me as tomorrow I'll teach the Bible Timeline from 8:30 to 3pm.

For me, to come to Indiana is a kind of a homecoming as my grandparents and my father are from Indiana.