Adolescent Mental Health Seminar







For all parents or grandparents of Tweens and Teens, this Catholic Mental Seminar Saturday, November 19 from 9 to noon, will be an eye-opener and a great tool for understanding the young people of today. Please take time to attend at Church of St. Paul in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Information can be found at the Church of St. Paul website. 

The basis of this seminar stems from some dear friends of ours who have experienced the most painful event in their lives: the death of a child to suicide. Here is an excerpt from Anne and Mike Gross's story.

"Last Nov. 1st, a regular ordinary day filled with sunshine, school, laughter, kids playing, friends talking, dog walking, Halloween candy, making Chili for dinner………….

                                                     Our beautiful 14 year old daughter died from suicide.

To say that this was shocking is  an UNDERSTATEMENT.  She was a girl known for her joy, creativity, kindness, outgoing nature, fun filled heart and magnetic smile!

We are an ordinary Catholic family; lots of children, stay-at-home Mom, a Dad, modest home, eat dinner together every night, take the dog for a walk, family- walks around the lake, attend Mass together  --type of family.

Attended Catholic School, no bullying, drugs, divorce, or abuse…… No piercings, tattoos, black pants with chains,…… you name it, none of this that seems so stereotypical of such a tragedy.

We have learned so very much about the very real condition of Anxiety and Depression.  Just as real an illness as Diabetes, Kidney Disease or Cancer.  Sometimes, despite all the best available treatment and medicines, a person may die from their disease.  Despite Chemotherapy and Radiation, a cancer patient may die of Cancer.

 Our mission is to help bring about an awareness of this illness."

Learn what to look for and know how to help by attending this important seminar 9-noon, November 19, 2011